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  • Image of Pretty Pigments Online Class
  • Image of Pretty Pigments Online Class

Pretty Pigments Online Class

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~ A Self Paced Online Class ~

Greetings from the Prairie!!!

I've been playing with earth pigments, ochers, and clays since I was a little girl, painting every piece of fabric, leather, paper, even bones, with the various colors of the earth that I found in my parents garden, or in the creek behind their house. And now I get to share this passion for the Earth's colors with you!

In this Online Class you will receive Four Assignments.

Each Assignment will be made up of four components:
•Technique Videos
•Instruction Videos
•And finally a Challenge to instill growth.

All videos are downloadable so that you will have them for life.

The instructions are also downloadable as a PDF, so that you will have them for life.

There will be a special bonus lesson at the end of this class.

Class Description***

In this online class I will show you how to combine clay, ochers, and pigments with mixed mediums to create beautiful one-of-a-king art cloth and papers.

You will be encouraged to explore your world for found color and materials to color your cloth and papers in such a way as to make them unique to you alone!

You will soon discover that I do not give projects, like many classes today do.

Instead I give assignments.

Projects are finite.

Assignments are a life long quest of learning, exploring, experimenting, and finally growth. I see assignments as a valuable process to my studio practice, and I am very excited to share my process with you!

What will you learn in this class?***

In this class you will learn how to create one-of-a-kind papers and art cloth using:
•earth pigments, clays, ochers
•charcoal (both found and purchased) and conte
•rust and copper patina's
•gold leaf and foil
•gutta and other resists
•watercolor crayons
•natural dye extacts